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@millecartes said: pls let us hold funeral for altosk also thats why i hate memes lets face it they’re fun but unless youre a constant meme whore w/ 500 + followers no1 ever gives you any n u gotta count your blessings when you receive like 1. I WILL MISS YOUR RAVENTHO

 ;here lies this asshole with that other asshole.
i hope that is acceptable

but tho really its true because 99% of tumblr is literally just ooc, ‘crack’ and memes. all the good rps are just hella slow (not complaining tho cause i am equally as slow). 

but yeah i think from now on i’ll just be sticking to im rping or i might just find a new fandom to chill out in or a closed tumblr group or something if i do wanna take up tumblr again

tho i lov u vi my raven will always live under your sink ok feed him lots of hazamas spaghetti

   So, wow. big news bears. I’m probably going to be deleting Altosk (and all my other rp blogs) or just ditching them and leaving them to eternally rot in the pits of tumblr rp hell.

But I know about.. >looks at follower count< 167 don’t give a flying fuck since you all have twice as many followers that you also obviously have full time attention too with your meme posting and such.

If you’re actually interested in keeping touch or continuing to roleplay with me whatev’ drop me an ask since I’ll still skype or aim rp or really i’m totally cool with just staying in touch and doin’ the ol’ good friend dick touches mmmboy.

so uh yeah- lots of love and peace.

     raven outie



Raven was one of the last people Elise had expected to see standing on her door step in the middle of the pouring rain.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh NOOOOOOoooooooo. PAPA RAVEN LOOKS LIKE A DROWNED RAT!" Tipo screetched hysterically, "QUICK ELI WE GOTTA GET HIM INSIDE BEFORE HE EXPANDS.”

Elise reached out and grabbed one of Raven’s soggy sleeves, “If you don’t hurry up and get inside you’re gonna catch a cold!”



 ;literally probably nobody and their fuckin’ mom will even reply to this (you’ll prob read it or skim it while going down the dash w/e) but i’m just gonna kinda put this out there. 

i kinda want some roleplays outside of tumblr??? like.. just fuckin’ straight on 1x1 roleplays. On aim, preferably, because I have too many contacts on my Skype already and I’m kinda just shoving all my roleplay partners in my aim.

i’ve been looking for partners for fucking idk how long. my fucking friend keeps telling me to ‘go on omegle’ and shit and that stuff doesn’t help. At all. I kinda stalk rp_me on livejournal but damn 99% is smut (like not even plotting just a fucking smut rp like can you not) or smut & fandoms i’m not in. I’ve gotten like 3 people there so far. In which I only have a steady rp with one aaaaaaAAAUGH.

so yea idk if you rp on aim or whatev’ and would be like 'oh yea cool lets roleplay off of tumblr' then heeeey come be a fucking pal eh i don’t bite unless you’re into that. 

also im so sorry i have a potty mouth //smacks my hand bad aylus




          “— Raven, could you spare some time?”

    “Whatever it is, I swear, I didn’t do it.”

//Tipo engulfs your face inside his plush mouth


ɪnner turmoil


         Harry moved, lowering hands from his hair at the introduction to Raven. Of course his desk was cramped with work (most of it finished, thankfully. He just didn’t like getting more—) that the archer gave a very concerning look towards before whistling and asking the question of the day. “Actually, yeah.” Harry pushed himself up, walking about, sliding through a few papers.

         The knowledge of where everything went was perhaps impressive to someone who didn’t know Harry had already done most of his work. “Did you see a knight wandering around outside’a HQ?” It was said as a side-comment, but Harry was legitimately curious. It hurt to admit he’d done something wrong, especially something as … well, crummy as this. Because he’d made a mistake … 

         Making things tense between the Empire and the Guilds was the last thing he wanted-needed-to do. Especially in this tight coil he was in at the moment. He’d snapped at the knight and said something which could make things rocky if said knight was of any importance and was meant to deliver a message from sir Ioder or something of the like.


                  "Dunno why he was here, but I kin’a…" There was a slumping of shoulders and the boy whined softly, "Ugh— let my anger out on him an’ now ‘m kin’a screwed if he had a letter from Ioder or something."

         And there it was, the pout he was ever so infamous for. The one where his eyebrows knit together and his bottom lip slightly came out like a child thinking way to hard for his own good. “I can’t let ‘im leave till I apologized, right?” His fingers ran through his hair again, “Neeeh— but apologizing to one of them dogs goes against everything I…” Believe.

         He just treated them how they treated the guilds.

         But recently the Empire had been on better terms with the Guilds. However, Harry would continue to blame this on the fact of the catastrophe of the Adephagos which was now gone. But it appeared with the current blastia situation as well… He scrubed at his head, “What do you think, Raven? ‘m an important figure so should I apologize?” Even if it went against every fiber in his being to go say one nice things to those thugs.

         He wasn’t just dealing with himself anymore. He was the leader of Altosk. He was important and —even if he wasn’t the most important with the entire Guild Union— he still held a considerable amount of weight simply with being the one calling the shots for Altosk, let alone for the rest of Dahngrest and the mission and-or job dispensing. 

                  "What should I do?"

Well, Raven had known Harry long enough to grow accustomed to his horrible attitude much thanks to the Don. So this whole stressing over the knight thing was a bit much to take in even for the archer. For once thing, he was definitely not the best person to go to for advice. Like.. ever. Raven already had the habit of tripping over his own two feet in his own problems, let alone trying to help others though he tried to keep as much of a straight face as he could while the other talked.

Honestly- Schwann’s business had come and gone while he was in Dahngrest, so Harry didn’t need to worry so much on that, even though he didn’t exactly know that and Raven didn’t want to risk saying ‘oh, its okay. Don’t worry about it,’ because then Harry would start questioning how would he know? Did he really see the orange-clad knight? 

If it had been anyone else than Schwann, since the man was already standing right there infront of Harry, Raven would have said that yes, fixing the matter was a must considering the fine line the empire and union had together but..

  “It’s- erm- fine, Harry, don’t worry ‘bout it,” Raven’s shoulders shrugged. He should have never picked up that uniform again in the first place. The only thing he was doing was helping Harry in the background anyway with the whole treaty- despite Schwann’s previous actions, he was still put to work a lot around Zaphias. 

Oh—! The man had an idea, crossing his arms behind his head and shooting Harry a smile, "Err.. I gotta go t’ Zaphias anyway t’ meet with the princess so how bout’cha tell me what the guy looked like and I’ll go send ‘em your apologies myself?"